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Schools For River (River Research Center)


Keystone Foundation, KERALA

$ 5,000 (2014)

Schools for River Program is designed to sensitize school going children towards river and environment conservation.

Few schools selected in Chalakudy river basin in Central Kerala -> School level and River level activities being imparted for the past 2 years

Program includes : Nature orientation camps, trekking into forests, river walks, interactive sessions, campaigns, film shows, planting saplings, creative posters



  • Sensitizating the children towards inculcating a sense of care and belongingness to rivers
  • Imparting understanding of a river basin (basics of ecology of a river basin, hydrology, geology, geography, human dependence, impacts of human interference like dams, pollution, sand mining, waste dumping etc.) in its totality among the young
  • Enabling sharing of the river with others in the society

Orient children towards river conservation ideas and activities

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