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Kalrayan Hills Health Project

Kalrayan Hills


Tribal Health Initiative, TAMIL NADU
$ 4,000 (2011 – present)

This project involves working with tribals in remote forest areas of Kalrayan Hills, and aims at promoting awareness of health and diseases, providing neonatal care, emergency facilities.



  • Training of tribal girls as health workers
  • Training of 25 illiterate tribal women as Health Auxiliaries (HAs) to be used for our field health program
  • Team decided to concentrate on school health program



  • Patients seen by THI increasing every year with 31811 patients in 2014
  • No maternal mortality in the past 10 years (as per 2013 data)
  • Infant mortality rate was brought down by 86 % in 20 years
  • Malnourishment in children has reduced by 70%

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